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A LOVE TO KILL (2005) korean drama

 a love to kill

Also known as 이 죽일 놈의 사랑
Genre Drama
Written by Lee Kyung-hee
Directed by Kim Kyu-tae
Country of origin South Korea
Original language(s) Korean
No. of episodes 16
__Kang Bok-gu (Rain) is a skilled K-1 fighter. However, he has never tried to win a single fight, as he has no desire for the attention that will come with a title. He lives in the same house with Han Da-jung (Kim Sa-rang), who saved him from a fire when they were teenagers. Racked by guilt that she became scarred as a result and knowing her love for him, Bok-gu intends to spend the rest of his life with her, even though he is not in love with her. After years of being estranged from his older brother, Kang Min-gu, Bok-gu finally reconciles with him. However, the reunion is short-lived. Min-gu attempts suicide upon learning of the engagement of his ex-girlfriend, Cha Eun-suk (Shin Min-a)…
Starring :
Shin Min-ah
Kim Sa-rang
Lee Ki-woo

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  1. FloRi

    Multumesc pentru traducere si pentru postare numai ca momentul final eu nu prea l-am inteles.Serialul merita vazut.

  2. olaru


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