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BOOMERANG FAMILY (2013) korean movie


  • Movie: Boomerang Family (English title) / Aging Family (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Goryeonghwa Gajok
  • Hangul: 고령화가족
  • Director: Song Hae-Sung
  • Writer: Cheon Myung-Gwan (novel), Kim Hae-Gon, Kim Jae-Hwan
  • Producer: Lee Kyoung-Hwan
  • Release Date: May 9, 2013
  • Runtime: 112 min.
  • Genre: Drama / Dysfunctional Family

In-Mo (Park Hae-Il) is going through a crisis. His wife has left him for another guy. His first movie as a director flopped badly at the box-office. He’s now living in a dilapidated apartment and unable to pay his rent. Just at his darkest hour, In-Mo receives a phone call from his mother (Youn Yuh-Jung). His mother has cooked chicken porridge and invites him over for dinner. In-Mo goes there and decides to stay there indefinitely.

While eating at his mother’s home, his older brother Han-Mo (Yoon Je-Moon) comes out of his room and learns that In-Mo is planning to move back home. Han-Mo himself doesn’t work and he’s been to prison several times. He’s also not happy that his younger brother is moving back in.
The next day, In-Mo walks out into the living room to find a young teenage girl (Jin Ji-Hee) watching TV. He quickly figures out that the girl is his niece and his younger sister (Kong Hyo-Jin) is also planning to move back home. In-Mo and Han-Mo are both against the idea of their younger sister moving back home, but she’s about to divorce for the second time and she doesn’t have a place to stay. All three siblings have issues, while their mother has her own secrets. Can they ever live happily as a family?
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Traducerea in limba romana – Florry82
Hardsub: Lummy

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  1. VIO

    Multumesc mult pentru traducere, un film f.bun cu actrita mea favorita Gong hyo Jin

  2. Camelia

    Un film de familie al carui final optimism a indulcit scenele mai dure. Multe multumiri!

  3. eugenia

    Un film foarte bun ptr. o seară minunată pe care îl recomand cu toată căldura. Mulțumesc, și vă doresc sărbători fericite alături de cei dragi,noroc ,sănătate și multă putere de muncă.

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