Dec 11

DRAGON – SWORDMEN (2011) chinese movie

Movie online: Wuxia – Swordmen (2011) (C-Movie)
Alternative Title(s) : 武俠 / Dragon / Wu xia / Swordmen
Director:Peter Chan
Writers:Joyce Chan, Oi Wah Lam
Wuxia is about a simple paper mill owner (Donnie Yen) who lives in a village with his wife (Tang Wei) and two children. One day his shop was robbed, and in defending his store, the owner managed to kill two robbers. A detective (Takeshi Kaneshiro) are assigned to investigate this case and a scientist, began to suspect that the shopkeepers are not as soft and calm as his appearance, and martial arts battles approached the city, seeking a hiding expert wuxia.
Donnie Yen,
Takeshi Kaneshiro,
Wei Tang

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