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FATE – DESTIN – (2008) korean movie

fate 1

Movie: Fate (English title)
Revised Romanization: Sookmyeong
Hangul: 숙명
Director: Kim Hae-Gon
Released: 2008
Runtime : 123 min.
Genre: Action
Language: Korean
__Four friends plot to steal money meant for the rival gang leader with hope of starting new lives. They follow through and succeed in taking the money but eventually get caught by the gang when one of the friends betrays. An arrangement is made so that the leader of the four goes to prison for the rest. However, when he gets out, he finds that the lives of the friends have turned for the worst. He wants to forget about the past and move on but finds himself left with no choice but to revenge.
Song Seung Heon
Kwon Sang Woo
Kim In Kwon
Park Han-Byul
Ahn Nae-Sang
Ji Sung


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  1. vivi

    Multumesc, film bun cu o distributie de exceptie.

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