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LOVE BUFFET (2010) taiwanese drama


Drama online: 愛似百匯 (爱似百汇) / Ai Si Pai Hui (Ai Si Bai Hui)
English title: Love Buffet
Genre: Romance, comedy
Episodes: 13
Broadcast network: FTV / GTV
Broadcast period: 2010-Dec-19 to 2011-Mar-13
Opening theme song: Shou Hu Xing (守護星) by Fahrenheit
Ending theme song: Wu Hui (誤會) by Fahrenheit
Xiao Feng is a lively girl, who loves to work with kids, she also is starting her first year of college. When the arrival Yi Cheng and Da Ye, her new neighbors; who also attend the same college that she does. she has to figure out a way that she can survive at school, knowing the two hottest, richest guys are sharing a house with her. Yi Cheng is a quiet, handsome guy, who can’t get over his past romance, Da Ye on the other hand, who is cute, charming and very sweet, doesn’t know the meaning of love, he is quite a playboy. But when Xiao Feng falls in love with Da Ye, He can only say he doesn’t know what a real relationship is. Heart Broken, she finds herself being comforted by his cousin Yi Cheng, falling for him now, she is once again broken hearted, and crawls back to Da Ye. Will Xiao Feng find the perfect guy, will she be able to survive the pressures at school, and home? Find Out On Love Buffet!
Yu Hong Yuan as Hu Xiao Feng 胡小風
Aaron Yan as Xing Yi Cheng 邢一誠
Calvin Chen as Xing Da Ye 邢大業
Chen De Xiu as A Ji 阿基
Cynthia Wang as Teng Qiu Ying 藤秋櫻
Wei Wei (幃幃) as Xiao Sen 小森
Wang Yi Wen as Da Lin 大林


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