Oct 22

MISS PILOT (2013) japanese drama


Drama online: Miss Pilot
Romaji: Misu Pairotto
Japanese: ミス・パイロット
Director: Kensaku Sawada, Takeshi Narita
Writer: Tsuyoshi Sakurai
Network: Fuji TV
Release Date: October 15, 2013 —
Runtime: Tuesdays 21:00-21:54
Genre: Airline
Country: Japan
Haru Tezuka’s (Maki Horikita) parents run a bar in Kamata, Tokyo. She is honest and bright, but she can’t lie which sometimes causes her to get in trouble. Haru finds it difficult to get a job.
Haru then notices an application guideline from airline company ANA (All Nippon Airways). Haru, who never thought of working in the airline industry, decides to take a test for the airline company. She first attends a company presentation by ANA. There, she sees elite persons who have dreamed of becoming pilots for lengthy periods of time and airplane enthusiasts. She becomes overwhelmed by them. Haru is indecisive about whether she wants to go through with it, but she manages to barely pass her test. Now, Haru wants to become a pilot, but what awaits for her is harsh training

Miss Pilot-Maki Horikita.jpg Miss Pilot-Saki Aibu.jpg Miss Pilot-Takumi Saito.jpg Miss Pilot-Koichi Iwaki.jpg Miss Pilot-Nanami Sakuraba.jpg
Maki Horikita Saki Aibu Takumi Saito Koichi Iwaki Nanami Sakuraba



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