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PIN TO KONA (2013) japanese drama – 中文字幕


Drama: ぴんとこな
Title (romaji): Pin to Kona
Format: Renzoku
Episodes: TBD
Viewership rating: TBA
Broadcast network: TBS
Broadcast period: 2013-July-18 start
Air time: Thursday 21:00
Kawamura Kyonosuke is the son of the prominent Kabuki family Kijima, and he has the voice, looks and stature which earns him the name, Prince of Kabuki. However, there is one problem… he is not passionate about his job. As he is the son of the house of Kijima, great expectations had been heaped on him from young. Unfortunately for him, no matter what he did, he could never earn the respect and recognition from his father, Kawamura Sesaemon. Due to that, he dislikes the Kabuki world, skipping rehearsals and cutting corners where possible whenever on stage…
Sawayama Ichiya was born into a family that is totally unrelated to the Kabuki world, and as such has no hope of ever being the top leading actor. He is the disciple of Sawayama Sakugoro, the head of the house of Todoroki, another prominent Kabuki family. Ichiya is a stoic young man, and he is where he is today due to his talent and diligence. The only way for him to be the successor of Sakugoro, is for him to marry into the family. Incidentally, Sakugoro has only one daughter, Yuna, who loves Ichiya and supports him in his dream to be the top star of Kabuki.
Chiba Ayame loves the Kabuki world. Ten years ago, she was introduced to the world of Kabuki, by Ichiya. When her father lost his job, her family had to move away, but till today she holds firm to the words said by Ichiya to her back then; „When I become the top star of Kabuki, I will come look for you”.
One day, after watching Kyonosuke’s pathetic performance, she gets really angry and shouts out asking for a refund. After getting to know her, Kyonosuke starts to fall in love with her. How will the love triangle end?
Tamamori Yuta as Kawamura Kyonosuke
Nakayama Yuma as Sawayama Ichiya
Kawashima Umika as Chiba Ayame
Matsumura Hokuto as Sawayama Shohei
Jesse as Sakamoto Haruhiko
Yoshikura Aoi as Sawayama Yuna
Yamamoto Koji as Sagata Kanjiro
Takashima Masahiro as Oiwa Matsukichi
Enami Kyoko as Santa Shizu
Kishitani Goro as Kawamura Sesaemon
Enoki Takaaki as Sawayama Sakugoro
Maeda Noriko (前田典子) as Sawayama Takako


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