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Sep 19

GREATEST WEDDING (2014) korean drama


Drama online: 최고의 결혼 / Greatest Marriage Chinese Title: 最佳婚姻 Also known as: The Best Wedding / The Greatest Wedding Genre: Romance Episodes: 16 Broadcast network: CSTV Broadcast Period: 2014-Sep-27 to 2014-Nov-16 Airtime: Saturday & Sunday south Korea A drama about the relationships between four different couples and a marriage centered around a woman who …

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Noi 22

MELODY OF LOVE (2013) korean drama

Drama online: 사랑은 노래를 타고 / Sarangeun Noraereul Tago Also known as: Love Through Song / Love Rides the Song / Love Comes on the Song Previously known as: 콩가네밭가네 / Kongganebatgane (Beans and Fields) Genre: Family, romance Episodes: 100+ ONGOING DRAMA! Broadcast network: KBS1 Broadcast period: 2013-Nov-04 to 2014-?? Air time: Monday to Friday …

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Noi 19

ALL IN (2003) korean drama

Drama online: All In Hangul: 올인 / 올 인 Director: Yu Cheol-Yong, Kang Shin-Hyo Assistant Director: Lee Myung-Woo Writer: Wan-kyu Choi Network: SBS Episodes: 24 Release Date: January 15 – April 3, 2003 Country: South Korea Orphaned then taken in by his gambler uncle, Kim In-ha (Jin Goo) often hangs out with his friends in …

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Noi 18

MISS ROSE -Luo Si Xiao Jie Yao Chu Jia (2012) taiwanese drama

Drama online: 螺絲小姐要出嫁 / Luo Si Xiao Jie Yao Chu Jia English title: Miss Rose Genre: Romance, comedy Episodes: 23 Broadcast network: TTV. Broadcast period: 2012 CLICK HERE FOR DRAMA ONLINE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLE. When a fortune teller predicted that Luo Si Yi was doomed to be a spinster, Luo wagered that she can get …

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Noi 12

The Woman Who Married Three Times (2013) korean drama

Drama online: 세 번 결혼하는 여자 / Se beon Gyeorhonhaneun Yeoja Also known as: Thrice Married Woman / She Gets Married Thrice Genre: Family, romance Episodes: 50 Broadcast network: SBS Broadcast period: 2013-Nov-09 to 2014-?? Air time: Saturday & Sunday 21:55 CLICK HERE FOR DRAMA ONLINE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLE. A family drama that centers around …

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Noi 08

LAN LING WANG (2013) chinese serie

Drama online all subs: 兰陵王 / Lan Ling Wang Also known as: Prince of Lan Ling Genre: Period, romance Episodes: 46 Broadcast network: JSTV Broadcast period: 2013-Aug-14 CLICK HERE FOR DRAMA ONLINE ALL SUBTITLES.    credit For select subtitle click on symbol A on right up on image and select from available subtitles.( in …

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