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Iul 24

TOUCHING YOU (2016) korean mini-drama

Title: 널 만질거야 / Neol manjilgeoya Also Known As: Touching you Director: Park Soo-cheol Screenwriter: Seong Min-ji Genre: Romance / Comedy / Paranormal Episodes: 12 Broadcast network: NAVER tvcast Broadcast period: July 04 — July 19, 2016 Country: South Korea Taecyeon and Song Ha-yoon star in a magical romantic comedy that defies time itself. Suave …

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Iul 18

DOLL HOUSE (2014) korean mini-drama

Title: Doll house Hangul title: 인형의 집 Director: Lee Gyoo-sik Genre: Thriller / Mystery / Horror Episodes: 12 Broadcast network: Naver TVCast Broadcast period: Nov. 16 — Nov. 28, 2014 Country: South Korea A girl with no home (Sun Joo Ah) takes a seemingly perfect opportunity to move in with a Professor and his housemaid …

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Apr 30

LOVE IN MEMORY (2013) korean mini-drama

Title: Love in memory Hangul title: 러브 인 메모리 / Leobeu in memoli Director: Park Seon Jae Screenwriter: Park Seon Jae Genre: Romance / Web drama Episodes: 6 Broadcast network: Naver TVCast Broadcast period: Feb. 21 — Mar. 28, 2013 Country: South Korea An introspective look into love and healing, Love in Memory is a …

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